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October 17th, 2014
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Finally, the online needlework show has opened and I did manage to get my new designs finished and posted for the show. So I thought I would share some pictures here for you all but you should go check out the show to see all the designer’s hard work. There are some beautiful new designs available. But, in-the-mean-time, here are my new designs. Check out

New Design announcements

2014 Free Holiday Designs

October 8th, 2014
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Hello my friends. I have mentioned that I now have a Facebook Group – Just A Thought Needlework Designs. I wanted to let you all know that I have posted a free PDF in the Facebook group. I have added the picture of them here. They are in my new concept “Color Me Stitched” style. You can go to the Facebook group and download it for free or you can also get it from the JAT Message board group. (See link in top menu bar) I hope you like it and Happy Holidays. Can you believe I just said that? :) Oh by-the-way…this is Fernando the Christmas mouse and Bob the Halloween spider. Hope you like them.

New Design announcements

Embroidery for Sale!

August 6th, 2014
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Capricious Arts??? Ever heard of it? This gal has an Etsy shop and I came across it in the usual way I generally find sites I am not looking for. How did I get here…who knows? But you just must check this out. Capricious Arts
I purchased one of her works of art immediately and if I were only rich in money and not only fame (just my little joke) I would have purchased every one of her pieces…well almost. Being needle workers we know the time she has spent on her pieces. She definitely does not get what she deserves for them. Wow…what a talent this girl has. LOVE HER WORK!
Here is the piece I purchased. But go check out her other embroideries…fabulous!

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Acid free cardboard!

July 24th, 2014
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Just wanted to let anyone that is interested know that The Silver Needle now carries Acid Free Cardboard. This is the cardboard that I use for my designs. Of course you can always use Skirtex on the small projects but if you need a little more strength I would recommend the cardboard. It is thinner than framing board and can be easily cut. So if you need acid free cardboard you now know where you can get it. Hugs


My Frog

July 16th, 2014
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Oh my heck. I am so excited. It doesn’t take much to excite me you see. Anyway, I found this on Ebay and had to have it as I have been looking for one of these for a very long time. Well, off and on that is. Every time I saw one I just could not decide. It was not special enough, it was not tall enough to hold my scissors without them hitting the bottom, etc. There was always something. Then I saw this. Wow, I was in love. I had to have it. I could not wait to share it with you all. These were originally used to hold flowers. I don’t even know if they are still available on the market. I have never seen one being used. Years ago I saw a stitcher with one and have been keeping my eyes peeled for one ever since. So now meet my “Scissor Frog”. Love it!

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Sneak Peek

July 6th, 2014
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It is so quiet here. I am working on a new design and thought I would share a “very small” sneak peek with you all. It is the first in a collection of collectable cushions. What is that exactly? You will have to wait until I get it finished and released to find out. I am thinking that it will be released for the online Needle Work show. Keep an eye out. As is usual for me the finishing design is my focus so the stitching design is an addition to the finish. And, as usual, it is my goal to give you some quality projects that you don’t have to go to a class for and pay a fortune to get. Not that I have a problem with expensive classes except that I generally can’t seem to justify the expense to get there and take the class. Maybe that is because I am a designer and finisher myself. ??? This design will be available in paper format from your favorite needlework shop. I am not sure if I will have it available as a PDF or not. Since my “un-retirement” I am thinking I will cater to the shops and online classes via my message board. Well, hmmmm….it is Just A Thought right now. And here is your small peek.

New design update

Having fun with my Needle

June 26th, 2014
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Hi everyone. I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I guess you are all going nuts wondering what I have been up to. And I know it has been keeping you awake at night. I am so sorry. So now I will post and let you know my secret so you can get the rest you need. :) Surface Embroidery…yep. I have found it and I love it. If you have ever wondered about surface embroidery you need to check out this site. This is Mary Corbet’s site. And wow…I can’t believe the time she gives of herself. I should be so selfless. But nay…I am not! :) I am ordering books, reading and learning as fast as I can as I want to try to incorporate some of the surface embroidery techniques into the cross stitch design and give it all a Jacobean flavor. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can! We shall see. Then I want to incorporate it into a 3D design (not sure what until I actually do it, but, you will be the first to know). I have completed one piece using one of Mary’s free designs on her site and I really like the way it has turned out. Now I have pretty much the tools I need to do it and I am ready to design. Book in hand and all….
Here is a picture of my first master piece. I think it is going to be a pin cushion. Then on to bigger and better, whatever. If you have ever wondered about surface embroidery go and check out her site. She has just started on a design and it is a group stitch along. And best of all, IT IS FREE! I have started it and I will add a picture of it below with a picture of my first completed Jacobean piece. Love it! :) Hugs Oh, don’t forget to go and check out Mary’s site and I will be back…soon I hope. :)
Mary Corbet’s Needle N Thread
Hugs again!

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Paper Charts are available

May 24th, 2014
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There are paper charts available for those that want them. But, they are only available via needle work shops. My designs are available directly from the Just A Thought store but ONLY IN PDF FORMAT and instant download. Ok, so “instant download” is not working so well but once you place an order I will send the PDF to you personally. But, if you see something you like and want it in paper format please let your favorite shop know.

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The Needlework Show

April 16th, 2014
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Big News! I am truly “un-retired”. Yep! I’m back. I start my “come back” by showing my designs in the on-line needle work show. I have been working like a crazy woman trying to get a new sampler completed by the start of the show. It has been fun.

Anyway, I will be showing my designs in the Needlework Show. You can check mine and other designer work out here…

Something else that’s new; If you prefer to have paper charts rather than downloadable PDF’s you can purchase them from your favorite needlework shop. Just let them know what you would like. But, as usual, my designs in the JAT store are only available in PDF format from me. You can click on the link in the top margin to enter the store and check everything out.

And during show dates, April 17th, 2014 through April 22nd, 2014 any purchase you make from me (your entire purchase) will be discounted 10%. So if you see something you like today, wait until the 17th to order.

One last thing….It’s nice to be back. Hugs

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at my new sampler, Peace In The Valley. Don’t tell….it’s a secret until tomorrow. :)

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I am un-retired

March 27th, 2014
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Ok, I finally made a decision about my retirement. I enjoyed my retirement for a few years but now I am getting bored. I know, I know…I am crazy. But, I have gotten the designing bug again. That little rascal has been chewing on me for some time now and I figured it was time to s**t or get off the pot (as my mother would say). So here I am, designing again.

I am working on a sampler right now. It is really turning out beautiful. I will be in the online Needlework show in April so must get it done along with one other if possible. Something new is always nice. I am having a lot of fun and the thought of talking with all of you again is wonderful. See you soon!

Now, on another note. I have turned into a Pinterest baby. I love the site and get so many ideas from it. The last one was a new stitching area. You know my little corner where I do my stitching. Well it has changed. I saw where someone turned a console into a craft area and loved it. I had given a large console that I no longer wanted to my daughter and she never used it. It has been in her garage for some time. So….needless to say, I took it back and now have a new craft corner. Want to see a picture? Ok. Here it is, my new stitching corner. Love it!

And with that I will close this post. I will be back soon with a sneak peek at my new design. Hugs

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