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JAT Fabric Stretcher’s

May 16th, 2016
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You can watch a full instruction video on how the JAT Fabric Stretchers work by searching Youtube for Just A Thought Needlework Design.

Please note:  In an attempt to keep costs down (as the price of everything, especially wood has gone crazy)  you will see a change in the Fabric Stretches from what is pictured.  The rods across the top that the fabric is attached is now heavy duty PVC pipe. This is a very strong plastic pipe and the painters tape sticks to it so much better.   (I wish I had done this in the first place as it is so much better than the wood dowel ever was….just saying!)

My goal in making these Fabric Stretchers was to make an affordable “quality” fabric stretcher. Made in the USA, I have added no “beautification” to these JAT Fabric Stretchers in my effort to keep the cost down. The more labor involved in making these fabric stretchers the more cost to you. What I ended up with is a fabric stretcher that will hold your fabric as tight as a drum for stitching even though it is not beautiful. It’s a “plain Jane” like me, but they work beautifully.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Custom Large Rods: (36 inches wide) Holds up to approximately 33 inch wide fabric. $25.00 Includes Shipping  (**See note below)

Medium Rods:(29 inches wide) Holds up to approximately 26 inch wide fabric. $15.00 Includes Shipping

Small Rods:(18 inches wide) Holds up to approximately 15 inch wide fabric. $15.00 Includes Shipping.

Baby Rods…(12 inches wide) Holds up to approximately 10 inch wide fabric. $15.00 Includes Shipping.

**NOTE:As the rods get longer the “twist” gets more pronounced. The rods are not “bowing”. This is not a good word to use as the fabric is looser in the middle than on the sides which is causing the twist. If it were bowing it would be tighter in the middle because it was being pulled down. Anyway, the twist is going to be there no matter what. The long rods will work with the JAT floor stands perfectly even with the twist. The longer the rod, the tighter the tension, the more pronounced the twist.

Standard Extension Arms: Extends height approximately 6″ to 10″ stitching area. $40.00 includes shipping.

Custom Extension Arm: Extend height approximately 15″to 16″ stitching area. $50.00 plus shipping.

I added the black lines on the rods to help me make sure my fabric is easy to get straight. They will not be on yours but the video will show you how to do it easily if you are interested.

You can watch a full instruction video on how the JAT Fabric Stretchers work by searching  Youtube for Just A Thought Needlework Design.

A little extra information for you to read if you are bored and have nothing else to do:

MIGHT BE AN IMPORTANT NOTE: When you take your fabric off the Fabric Stretchers be sure to twist the side extension arms down to the smallest position possible before taking them off the long rods. They should look just like they looked when you received them. No big issue if you fail to do this but there are left and right metal rods in each side and if you twist the metal arms completely apart and mix them up you will have to play with them to figure out which rod goes where. No refund for this but you can send back to use if you can’t figure it out and we will fix it for you.  Just saying….

If you are starting a new project be sure you have enough blank fabric at the top and bottom of your fabric to be able to roll the fabric around the rods at least one time so the hold is secure. You may need to baste a strip of fabric onto the top and bottom of your stitched fabric to give you a little extra roll length.

Your fabric is held on with blue painters tape. I have been using painters tape for years and have never once had a problem with it. It does not stick or leave any residue on your linen or fabric. It is fast and so easy to use and perfect for the JAT Fabric Stretchers. Leave those old conceptions at the door. It is time to come into the 21st century. Just like we do not worry about the backs of our stitching like we used to we can now use painters tape without damaging the fabric. Now having said that: DO NOT USE…masking tape, scotch tape packing tape and especially not shipping tape. These tapes leave a sticky residue on your ground fabric. PAINTERS TAPE PLEASE! And get it before your Fabric Stretchers arrive or you will be sad that you can’t use your fabric stretchers as soon as they show up at your door.

Be sure to watch the video to see how really easy these JAT Fabric Stretchers are to use.  Link at top of page!

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All payments via PayPal only. 

Email me at:  JudyOdell325 at gmail dot com   Let me know what you would like and I will send a PayPal invoice(to the email address you sent from)  that you can use for payment.  

Thank you all and Hugs     Judy Odell   Just A Thought Needlework Design

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