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Nuts for Pin Cushions

July 22nd, 2015

What does everything you see in this picture have in common? PIN CUSHIONS! I am going nuts for pin cushions. Why? I don’t know for sure. I have been surfing the internet and keep seeing the cutest pin cushions. I guess it is like the flu…I caught it! I have seen pin cushions made out of just about everything one could think of. So I went to the second hand store and started looking around. The ideas came flying at me so fast I had to get control of myself quickly or I would have gone under the pin cushion spell. The picture shows just a few of the pieces I picked up. And I had already gotten wool felt so I am ready to go.

My husband says I can’t ever just do things in a small way. I always have to dive in at the deep end, head first, and hope I don’t hit bottom. I must confess I have hit bottom a few times. Hitting bottom for me is when I am over my temporary obsession of whatever has gotten hold of me and, as usual, having tons of “stuff” left over. And I mean TONS!

So at the moment it is pin cushions. Love them! And I want to stitch some and finish some and share some and…and…and…. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

I am going to start making a few of these and give them away on my Facebook Group. If you are in my group Just A Thought Needlework Design you know I love to have drawings. I love to give away “stuff”. And Lord knows I have a lot of “stuff” to give away. So keep checking back to see what’s happening at the pin cushion pool.

AND, I want to set up a Pin Cushion Exchange with all my friends. Is anyone interested? If so you can post below or go to my Facebook Group and message me to join. Just A Thought Needlework Design
I will get hold of you and we shall get something going. What fun! Hugs


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