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NOTE: These “LAP” stands are not available at this time. Just A Thought “LAP” Stand …. $195.00 plus $20.00 shipping

May 19th, 2016

This is the little sister of the JAT floor stand. It is made in the USA and the cost is $195.00 plus $20.00 share the shipping. Domestic shipping only…
No special frame needed. You can use a frame, scroll rod, Q-snaps, hoop and, OF COURSE, the JAT Fabric Stretchers. Just flip your work over to get to the back and flip it back to the front to start stitching again. Even though this stand is much smaller than the floor stand it will hold the weight the same as the floor stand with no problem.

By-the-way, if you are interested in ordering one of the JAT Needlework Stands you can contact me at: JudyOdell325 at gmail.com

The arms on this stand are 15 inches long. They move so that when you adjust your sitting position you do not have to actually reposition the stand but instead just move your arms a bit to suite the change. These arms never tighten so tight they do not move. The black rubber tape on the arms keep your frame securely in place against the small dowels at the end of each arm. You can attach the arms on the top of the cross bar or the underside of the cross bar. This comes in handy if your frame is longer than the arms.

The flat bottom of the lap stand fits just under your legs above the knee and can be as close to you as you wish and as far away as the edge of the cushion you are sitting on. If you want to stitch in bed or in a recliner or lounge back into a soft comfy cushion, etc. it might be best to consider this LAP stand. Weighing in at only 8 lbs it is light weight and perfect for stitching trips also. Please note, this lap stand will not stand alone. It is not a table stand. This lap stand is cut with many engineered angles to accommodate holding your frame at the correct angle for stitching with both hands.

Now having said that, if you have a frame that you need to move at an angle other than just siting straight on the arms it is possible with this lap stand and also the floor stand. Just move one or both arms out of the way. Or take them off and use the long cross bar as a table edge to help hold your frame. Let it do the heavy lifting for you. There are never ending possibilities with this stand and her sister floor stand.

Because of the “triangle hinge” on this lap stand design there is an almost unlimited height angle for holding your work. Once your stand is assembled you need never loosen the top knob of the triangle hinge but only loosen the bottom knob for adjustment. Due to the unique triangle hinge the arms on this stand WILL NOT COLLAPSE. You could sit on them and they would brake before lowering….well…that might be a slight exaggeration but there is not a fabric holder that this stand cannot hold with ease and still hold it’s position.

Some unnecessary information:

Do I make the stands myself? No, I do not make these beautiful stands. I did however design the stand. My husband made the first prototype and then we sent it off for some personal critiquing by the infamous Mary Corbet – http://www.needlenthread.com/ (Thank you Mary) We then took all the comments, good and bad, and made some changes to the stand. We started working with our manufacturer, Universal Custom Display (UCD) out of Elk Grove California, and together we produced the needlework stand you see pictured here.

How long will it take to get to you? Once payment is received your needlework stand will be drop shipped to you directly from our manufacturer. It is shipped via UPS. I will tell you it takes two weeks from payment to delivery to your door but most the time it is much less time than that. (USA deliveries of course.) I will send tracking information to you once I receive it from my manufacturer.

How much are the shipping charges? I call it a “Share-The-Cost” shipping because that is exactly what I do. I share the cost with you. There is a flat rate charge of $20.00 for you and I pick up the rest. This stand is packaged in a box that is 26″ x 20″ x 10 so it is quite large and costly to ship.

What payment do I accept? I will send you a PayPal invoice that you can use for payment. You do not need a PayPal account and you can use any credit card you wish. It is much safer this way and I don’t have to see your card information ever. If you prefer not to use the PayPal payment method I will accept a check but your stand will not be sent out until payment is received.

How do I order? Just email me at the following email address: judyodell at comcast dot net I will reply to your email and we will be on our way to getting a stand to you. And, of course, if you have any other questions just email me. I love to chat. 🙂

Are there any reviews on this stand? Absolutely! If you go to my Facebook group you can read hundreds of critiques and posts and even a couple videos about all the needlework accessories I offer. Go to Facebook and search for Just A Thought Needlework Design. Easy Peasy!

Just A Thought Needlework Design – Judy Odell
Facebook Group: Just A Thought Needlework Design
Email: JudyOdell325 at gmail.com
Phone: (775) 301-0417

Now, for those that would like to see some pictures of the stand and how great it is just check these out. Needle-pointers….check out how easy it is to turn your frame sideways or even up-side-down if you need to make that special stitch and the laying tool is at the wrong angle. Just flip it sideways, upside down or to the back with no adjustment needed. Change your projects just by picking up one frame and replacing it with another. Kick back and relax while you stitch. Make those special stitches using both hands without holding the frame in place. It stays there on it’s own! Now, take a look!

JAT Needlework LAP Stand

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