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Mixed Media Embroidery

July 18th, 2016

I have decided to share my mixed media embroidery. I call it this because I use whatever I can find to add to the embroidery. I use color crayons, paint, markers, beads, gems, markers, ribbons, etc. It is so simple and so much fun. For those that have been asking, this is how I do it.

Find a picture you like. There are so many…adult coloring books (this is where I get most of mine. I have tons of coloring books now.) Free pictures on the internet, free hand drawing, pictures that cost just a dollar or so that you can download from the internet. Anything you can trace works.

1. Trace a picture onto a smooth fabric. I use lining fabric but I am going to purchase a white sheet because I think it has the perfect strength and stiffness when it is new to make a perfect embroidery fabric. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU PLAN TO SELL ANY OF YOUR WORK YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COPYRIGHT TO THE PICTURE. CHECK WITH THE OWNER TO MAKE SURE IT IS OK AND BE SURE TO GET WRITTEN PERMISSION IF IT IS UNDER COPYRIGHT. IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO SELL OR PROFIT FROM YOUR WORK IN ANY WAY YOU CAN USE FREE PICTURES, ADULT COLORING BOOK PICTURES OR INTERNET PURCHASED PICTURES. (Please do not violate copyright)

2. Color with crayola crayons.

3. Lay the colored picture face down on a piece of paper towel or whatever you can find. It is just to make sure the color is not transferred onto your ironing board cover. Hot iron the picture. This will remove the wax and leave just the dye. And, and as a plus, you can wash it as many times as you wish and the color will stay. I mention this because my sister stitched some dishtowels for her daughter using this mixed media embroidery method.

4. Color again and iron again if you want to intensify your colors a bit more.

5. Add glitter acrylic paint or whatever acrylic paint or markers you want at this time.

6. Mount your picture for stitching.

7. Have fun with the embroidery. Choose different stitches and tons of color if you are like me and like color. The floss and color crayons do not have to match. Just another mix of color fun.

8. Iron again if needed.

9. Add gems, beads, ribbon or whatever you can imagine.

10. All finished and ready for you to frame or whatever you choose to do to complete your design.

This is the design I am working on now. I am calling it “Have a cup of color”.

I was shocked to see how many of these pictures I have completed. I am so loving doing these.

Benjamin The Gatherer

Rafael The Romantic

Wild Side

Happy Jack

If you happen to try Mixed Media Embroidery and want to share a picture of it with me and my friends, please post it to our Facebook Group: Just A Thought Needlework Design. Hugs everyone!

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Shelley’s Day of the Dead Celebration

My nieces and nephew are just starting out. The frog is finished and framed and I will add a picture of it once I get it.

Tristan’s Alagator.

Alexi’s cruse ship.

Madison’s Frog.

Mixed Media Embroidery

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