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Mary Wigham 1790, Wardrobe

February 20th, 2010

Please note:  I am receiving a lot of interest in this design and I wanted to let you all know that I will be adding some definate information for everyone in a couple days.  I am sorry for the delay but Moosie is doing some major updating of my blog right now and I just cannot add anything until it is complete.  Please be patient with me and check back in a couple days. Thank you all so much.

A Tribute to Mary Wigham and all the girls of Ackworth school. Can you imagine how surprised Mary would be to find out that she has a wardrobe. Well, kind of. 🙂 I love the wardrobe. I think Mary would too.
I will post all the information regarding this wardrobe on my Designs page as soon as possible. For now I will give you just a minimal of information.
This will be released as a private class in PDF sections on my JAT Message board. The class will be limited in size but don’t worry if you don’t get in on this one as I will probably have another class approximately a year after this first class is completed. The cost of the class includes the stitch design and finishing class which will be released in monthly sections. I will have a very limited kit available which will include the stitching linen, decorative fabric and silk satin ribbon. Ok, enough talk about it….lets see Mary Wigham’s Wardrobe closet.

I shall post more about the class kit and the cost once I post the design page. Thanks everyone.

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