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A Lady’s Cabinet

June 30th, 2009

<img border="0"src="http://www.justathought.net/bb/download/images/ALC_finish_small132.jpg">

Finally !! Gosh this took a long time. Lots and lots of changes but at last it is finished.

This will be offered as a private class on my JAT message board. If you want to see the progress of this design and possibly join the private class you can register by clicking on “message board” in the menu at the top of this post. We would love to have you. Remember that once you register and hit “submit” go up and click on the email addy at the top right corner and send your user name to me so I can activate you. This is a private message board and it is monitored very closely to keep any unwanted spam out. 🙂

I shall post information regarding the class time frame, cost, supplies, etc. as soon as possible. Once the information is available you can see a lot more pictures by clicking on “Designs” in the menu at the top of this post and then click on A Ladies Cabinet picture.

I shall return shortly with more information for you. Thanks for checking it out. Hugs

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