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Get ready….Mary is coming and so is a new store……

February 28th, 2010

Yep…I can hardly contain myself, I am so excited.   Just a Thought is opening its new store doors soon.  I am becoming a blog, forum and store.  Yep, cart and all.  Moosie has been working her “fingers” off  (ha fooled you)  and while there will undoubtedly be a lot of little fixes that you will all find, I think we will get it all ironed out very quickly. Wow, this has been hard work.  I am very excited about it.

So be ready…we move into our store in minutes or hours….any time now.  🙂  And as soon as the store opens you can all order your spot for the Mary Wigham Wardrobe class.  I know you have all be wondering where and what is going on with it but this has been the delay.  I wanted you all to sign up on your own.  When the class is full it will not allow any more registrations.  I have not gotten the wardrobe kits ready yet but we have plenty of time for that.  The decorative fabric will be so limited I probably should not even offer it but I know it is very difficult for some of you to get supplies so we shall talk about it later, in class.  OK, I’m off to go check with Jo and see how the grand opening is coming along.


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