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My stitching long ago

May 6th, 2010

I was talking with a friend yesterday and of course we turned to stitching chat. Actually we started talking about the Lady Evelyn book I had last blogged about. I had ordered her one as a gift and in doing so I somehow ordered two. I have no idea how I could have done this as I had to submit my card a second time…very strange… Anyway, we were discussing the fact that one cannot get really large count linen and very small thin fibers any longer. Lady Evelyne stitched some of her beautiful laces on 180 count linen…if you can imagine. Anyway, as happens, the conversation turned and we were chatting about some of the stitching we had done some time back. I mentioned a piece I had stitched about 15 years ago when I first started stitching. Yep, one of the first things I ever stitched. It was a butterfly I stitched in gold threads. But the unusual thing is I did not realize I could not stitch it like I did…I actually stitched it on 40 count linen, over one thread. The entire background is cross stitched also. The original linen color is a natural linen color. Mind you, they are full cross stitches over one linen thread on 40 count linen. Well, no one told me yet that I just could not do that. My friend wanted a picture so I thought maybe some of you would like to see a picture also. Here it is…my Butterfly !

As I was getting it out of the cabinet I started looking at some of the stitched pieces and noticed this Santa ornament. This was the very first thing I ever designed. I actually learned to chart from this little Santa. Hmmmmmm….this might just make a good Christmas ornie this year for the members of my message board. Hmmmmm…yep, it is already designed and all I would have to do is write the finishing. …… Oh, sorry, just talking to myself again. Anyway, I thought I would show it to you here also since we are talking about old things we stitched. That is what we were talking about right? 🙂 I was just turning from needlepoint to cross stitch and was still new to needle work. I used a lot of needlepoint stitches and had a great time stitching him. Here he is…my old Santa USA. Is there anyone out there that actually remembers this old design? Santa USA


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