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Newsletter: Summer 2010

May 22nd, 2010

Welcome friends. I hope you enjoy yourself and find something you are interested in.

What’s New………………………………………

The Northwest Sampler Guild (NSG) class project is finished. The name is Ribbon and Roses – Scissor Safe Workstation and you can sign up for it through NSG by going to their website and reading all about it. If you want to see more pictures of this little scissor safe you can scroll down to the blog below this one where you will find lots of pictures for you and also a direct link to their guild site. You will find the information regarding the cost and time of the class on their site also. The design is a scissor safe with scissor cubbies inside that move back and forth so you can get the scissor you want out. The side compartment is for your larger working scissors and tools. Add smaller tools like pins, thimbles and needle threaders in the small drawers below the scissor cubby. The cute little needle book on the side will hold your needles while not in use. The private class will be held on the JAT message board and registration is through NSG only. I will add you to the private class but they will register you.

Let’s Talk Finishing!

Let’s talk finishing! This is a new thought. I wanted to write finish instruction for designs that could be made in one or two days. No stitching required unless you choose to add it. Embellish it as you choose. I will embellish it the way I like but you can embellish yours any way you choose. Or, if you prefer, don’t add any embellishment at all. This is the Victorian set and is the first set in the “Let’s Talk Finishing!” series. These little PDF’s are available in the JAT store in the Design section, left margin-“Let’s Talk Finishing”. I plan on releasing more of these little sets so you can just mix and match them as you like. These little designs are perfect for a quick easy gift or just for the fun of finishing. 🙂

What’s Happening Now………………………………..

Mary Wigham Wardrobe is in full swing. Everyone seems to be enjoying the class and the stitching. It is such fun to chat with other stitchers and see what colors they have chosen for their wardrobe. Registration for this class is now closed. Pictures will be posted of the different finished wardrobes once the class is over and maybe some of the stitchers will share their thought’s on the class.

A Lady’s Cabinet class will be ending soon. The stitchers are finishing up the last section and the finish class will be held sometime in July. At the time of this blog we have not settled on a date but once the class is over we will be sure to add some pictures of finished cabinets. I am very excited to show the class members how easy it really is to finish. I know some are a little intimidated by finishing but I think they will all be surprised. We shall see. 🙂

The JAT store is still coming along.  I keep adding things as often as I can, which is slow going.  Anyway, I have set up some categories in the design section to help you find things a little easier.  Here is how it works…When you click on “Shop” in the top menu of this page you will see a  “What’s New” page.  Hopefully I have a few new things showing.  Then you can click on “Designs” in the top menu.  You will get a page that has all my designs.  Look at the left menu.  There you will see categories you can click on instead of scrolling through all my designs to find a particular design.   I hope this helps.    Moosie is trying to teach me how to do this and I know I am frustrating her and testing her patience most of the time.  Well you know the saying about “Old dogs and new tricks”?  I am a very old dog.  And I want to do the tricks my way. Thank goodness Moosie is a very dear friend.  🙂

Hot Tip ………………………………..

Away knots? Knot anymore! I don’t use away knots any longer. Not even when I stitch with over-dyed fibers that have to be turned in the same direction or are pre-cut so are too short to fold over. With DMC one can just fold the thread in half, making a loop on one end. Thread the two loose ends into the needle. Make the first leg of your cross stitch, or whatever stitch your working, and catch the loop of the thread when you come back up for the next stitch.

Well, with over-dyed fibers you have no folded end. (Remember, both lengths of thread have to go the same direction.) So I tie a little tiny knot at the end of my thread. I cut the tail off right at the knot and work it just as if it were a folded thread. Perfect, no away knots for me. 🙂

How to?……………………….

Thread Roll-up

So fast, so easy and ever so cute. I did get the old dusty sewing machine out for this but you could do it by hand….well you could!

1. Cut a piece of cotton batting or wool felt about 8 inches by 36 inches. Cut a piece of decorative fabric 8 inches by 36 1/4 inch. Pin whatever lace you have chosen onto the cotton batting so that the lace is facing the inside. If you don’t want lace you could add beads, cording or whatever you can think of once your thread roll is finished. But if you want lace like the picture, you need to add it now.

2. Pin the decorative fabric, right side down, onto the cotton batting, sandwiching the lace between them. Sew around the thread roll-up about 1/4 of an inch away from the edges. Leave one short end open so you can turn it.

3. Turn your thread roll-up inside out. Pin the open end closed. Stitch about 1/8 of an inch all the way around the roll-up.

4. Add a ribbon tie to the outside of your thread roll up. I cut about a 24 inch ribbon.

5. Roll it up, tie it and tuck it away until you need it again.

This is so easy I know you are thinking…why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 The threads stick like magic. They stay where you put them.

Give as gifts and you will be a star. Who would not want one or two of these. I just love them. Make a larger one and roll your working linen in it for storage. You could roll your thread roll-up inside your linen roll-up. Make one larger and you have a bed cover…oh ha…now I am just being too silly. 🙂 But you get the idea. Enjoy!

Spotlight on Accessories……………………

PVA Finishing Glue: Wow, this is great stuff. It opens the door to many wonderful ideas for me. No more hot glue, well ok, just a bit maybe here and there for instant bond. But this glue is fabulous. I will be carrying it in my store for a short time…not sure how long though. We shall see. But I have it while it lasts for now.

This is acid free glue. It dries fast, flexible and clear. You can clean up any messes with water. I think the most important factor is that it is flexible when it dries. After I heard about this glue I had to find a manufacturer and try this stuff. I was not disappointed…it is wonderful. I love it and I use it now instead of any other glue on my designs. Actually, I use super strong double sided tape and this PVA glue. They partner so well together.

Spotlight on Finishing……………………

Ribbon Gathering Many of you have heard me say this before…I tried ribbon roching and just could not do it. So I came up with ribbon gathering. Here is how I ribbon gather.

Start by folding the beginning of your ribbon under and taking a few tacking stitches to keep it folded in place. Attach the folded end to your project.

Weave your threaded needle in and out of the ribbon just like when you gather normally. I generally space my weaving about 1/8 inch apart and weave three times each trip.

Pull your thread to gather the ribbon and insert your needle into the linen about 1/4 inch away from where you last attached to the linen.

Weave again…pull your thread…insert your needle into the linen about 1/4 inch away from where you last attached to the linen.

Continue repeating these steps until you are done. Attach the end of the ribbon by folding it under again and tacking the folded end securely where it meets the beginning of the ribbon.

What’s coming?……………………

I am working on a new cabinet with a pyn cushion to go with it. I am thinking it will be a PDF release and not a private group release. I am not sure but I am leaning this direction.

I am also going to be releasing a new box for the “Just A Box” series and of course I have plans already for a new “Let’s Talk Finishing” design series. These are so much fun to make.

Who knows what will happen first but I am antsy to do the cabinet and cushion so I am thinking that will be my next release. 🙂 I will be sending newsletters out each time I release something new so if you don’t want to hear from me from time-to-time then just option out when you get the newsletter. If you just happened on this blog and want to be sure you do not miss anything then look at the top of this page and click on “shop”. The first page you get will have a “subscribe” box in the right menu. Just add your email address and submit. You will receive a verification email that you need to click on to let me know it is really you and you really do want to subscribe. Just click on it and you will be done. Finished…easy as that!

That’s it….I hope you enjoyed yourself. I shall be posting another large blog this coming winter. There will be more surprises for you, new ideas for you to try and hopefully some new designs for you to check out. Oh, I will still be here but my blogs won’t be quite as long winded as this one.

Keep stitching everyone…and remember to “Keep looking up – you can bet someone will be looking back.” Just A Thought from Judy Odell


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