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Christmas Random Drawing

November 22nd, 2010

Happy Holidays everyone. Wow…it’s here and I am so behind on my stitching I need a few more months to catch up. I think I am out-of-luck on this though. I have decided to do something a little different this year. I am still hoping to add a Christmas ornament for the members of my message board but I have so much to do I am getting a little concerned that I may not get it done. So….I have decided to have a Christmas drawing for all the members. What is it they say…many will enter, only one will win. This is true but hey, all it takes is a quick posting to enter and it may be you that wins. So if you are not a member of the message board as yet you might like to join us as this beautiful box may be yours. Who knows….someone will win and it may as well be you.

A little about the box you may win: This was the first year the Designing Ladies got together, 2005. Wow, it seems impossible it has been so long. This particular box is the Unicorn Box and the stitch design was by the amazing designer from Germany, Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs. I designed the actual box and I finished this particular box. As a group the complete design was entitled “A Stitcher’s Treasure Box” and this is just one of many designers from all over the world that designed one of these boxes. This Unicorn box is covered with beads, metallic threads and specialty stitches. It truly is breathtaking to see in person.

So if you are not a member of the JAT message board yet, now is the time. Just click on “Register” in the top menu bar to register and don’t forget to send me a private message with your USERNAME so I can activate you. i activate no member requests unless I get a personal email along with the submitted registration. This is my way of keeping spammers out of our message board.

Oh heck…I forgot…would you all like to see the beautiful box that could be yours? 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. TIS THE SEASON 🙂


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