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Days Gone By

September 22nd, 2009

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This is my newest design. I called it “Days Gone By” because as I was stitching it I kept seeing a western dad handing a beautiful little box (that he got while he was in town) to his little daughter. She had dark hair, long braids and dirty little finger nails but she took it with awe because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She kept only her most wonderful and private treasures in it from that day forward.

Days Gone By is the first in a series of collectable boxes that I plan to design. They will all be different in the stitch design, shape and size. Each will have a character of its own and I may even call upon my JAT board members to share the story they see when they look at each box. They will be rewarded of course. 🙂 I do love the rewards.

We have also started our tin Christmas exchange for 2009. We have a group of over 40 stitchers. Can you believe that. You still have time to join the exchange so check into the message board and sign up. You can read more about it once you are there.

I am going to stitch a little fob for a thread grabber that my dear friend Lynne B. sent to me. She designed the little fob and once it is stitched and finished I shall post both pieces with news about where you can purchase the thread grabber and get the fob design for free. By-the-way, Lynne is the owner of Blessings Counted, Inc. and the designer of the “original” French Alphabet Sampler (FAS) that we have all fallen in love with. It is personalized with family initials and names and each one is individually charted for each stitcher. You can go to Elegant Stitch to read more about the FAS Sampler. You will love it.

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