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I’m Back

March 6th, 2011

Hello again…I’m Back.

I think I am getting over my funk.   Lots of unpleasant things have happened to me in a short time but I am good now and I am ready to get back to stitching.  There are some changes though.  And I think you will all like them.

I have retired.  Well, not given up needlework altogether.  I still have my store, blog and message board; but I am not designing for retail any longer.  I am only designing and stitching for my enjoyment.  That means that when I do design anything it will be available for free.  I know, it sounds weird but I got very tired of the stress and pressure of a business.  I know it was my issue as you, my friends, are just wonderful. Anyway, I am now doing only what I want to do.  And since it is not a business that I care to make any money on I shall just share my designs, progress stitching and thoughts with all my stitching
friends at no charge.

I love the idea and I have lately been having fun stitching a Scarlet Letter reproduction that I started 14 years ago.  (progress picture follows) Next I will finish a jewelry box that I started for my daughter and when it is finished it will be a design that I share with you all.  (you know…a freebie) Then who-knows, maybe some Christmas ornaments or whatever.  🙂

So for now I am adding a progress picture of my Joanna Warren sampler. But I am stopping for the time being and starting on my new jewelry box. You can see a progress picture of it if you scroll down. It is the purple design. Don’t forget to come back and see more progress pictures as I go along. Once I have finished it I shall share it with whomever wants it.

Gosh, it’s good to be back. Hugs


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