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The Learned Wife Sampler

April 26th, 2011

Look what I found!

“One did commend me to a Wife both fair and young
that had French Spanish and Italian Tongue.
I thanked him kindly and told him I loved none such,
for I thought one tongue for a wife too much.
What love ye not the learned?
Yes, as my life, a learned schollar, but not a learned wife.

I love this sampler. It is The Learned Wife Sampler – c.1740 Maybe it caught me on a really good day because for some reason I just had to have it. How odd it is. And even today I am thinking that it will be my next new start. Actually, I think I am going to start a few new samplers and that way when I get bored with one I can just change it for another. So, once I pull threads and decide what linen I want to stitch it on I shall post a picture of my choices.

I am still working on Shelley’s Jewelry Box and my Joanna Warren 1655 sampler. Here is a new progress picture of Joanna Warren. It is slow going as you can see. But it is a fun sampler to stitch.

I am enjoying surfing the internet and checking out a lot of blogs. Gosh there are tons out there and so many wonderful stitching blogs. I bookmark the ones I really enjoy and find a lot of charts I want to stitch. Of course I would have to live for another 200 years. 🙂

I hope you all had a fabulous, wonderful, and the best ever Easter yesterday. I did. What a beautiful day. I had the family here and we had a picnic outside. It was just a perfect day. I now have to get busy as I seem to always have cleaning to do. But, hmmmmm….I think I shall do just a bit of stitching first, or maybe, I shall check out some more blogs. Yep, I think cleaning can be put off for awhile longer. 🙂 Hugs everyone!


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