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PDF of private class cabinets released for individual sale

November 15th, 2011

Hello everyone. As I promised I have finally gotten around to adding my Mary Wigham Wardrobe and A Ladies Cabinet to the store for PDF purchase. You may be familiar with the private class I taught some time back but the PDFs have never been released as a singer purchase chart. These will be available for a short time only. I have also added some very hard to find books for those of you that are needlework book collectors. All are in beautiful condition and all are from the original releases and not “later reprints.
I added this picture of Sandi V’s cabinet as I thought it was so beautiful stitched in blue. There are a lot more pictures in the JAT store. Just click on the “Shop” link in the top menu.

I will be adding “My Treasures Workstation” in the store shortly but I need to write directions for constructing the base as it was wood in the private class. I will send you a newsletter notification once it is added to the store.

If you have not signed up for the JAT newsletter you may want to as it is the way I contact my friends with any new news. Just click on shop in the top margin and on the first page you get look on the right side margin. Just add your email address in the “subscribe” box and that’s it.

PLEASE NOTE: I have only one of each “hard to find” book that I just added to the store.

ALSO: If you live outside the United States and see something you like…please email me directly so that I can personally send you a paypal invoice. You can see all the designs and books in the shop but ordering for outside the US is not working at this time.

Further also…. I have no kits available but if you do not want to purchase supplies as you need them, Lois at Elegant Stitch, in Modesto California, will be making kits available to you. You can find her at www.ElegantStitch.com


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