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My Treasures Workstation – Re-visited

March 8th, 2012

I have just finished revising the “My Treasures Workstation” class that I had a few years back. This was a class project only. There was a wooden base for the workstation at the time. I decided that it was time to release it via my JAT store now. To do so I had to design a bottom that you could all finish without needing to have the wooden base (of which I don’t have now). Two wonderful stitchers agreed to stitch it for me and I have added pictures below. Both are beautiful and you can see how the color gives both workstations a totally different look. So for those that were not able to join in on the class you can now purchase this design project through the JAT store. Click on “Shop” in the top menu. If you live outside the USA and would like to purchase this design you will need to email me directly because the store has a problem with overseas orders. I will send you a paypal invoice personally that you can use to order the PDF.

Just in case you have forgotten what the workstation looks like….here are some pictures with the new bottom. Enjoy 🙂 Oh, I forgot; it reads; My treasures I must leave behind. Remember me if this you find.

IT’S A MYSTERY: On another thought….I am setting up a class on the JAT message board. It is “Shelley’s Treasure Box”. You know, the one I have been talking about forever. Well, I have the front and back stitched and the rest designed but I can’t seem to get motivated to finish it. Sooooooooo…I figured it was time to have a class and let you all help motivate me. The class will be free….yep…I will repeat it. The class will be free. But here is the catch, it is for those of you that have stuck with me while I have been away. Since you keep checking back and/or signed up for my newsletter I decided you needed to be rewarded for all your patience with me. And here is how it will work…I will release it in sections as I complete it. We will stitch it and then we will finish it. And then it will be GONE! Just like that….GONE! So what you have to do now is go onto the message board, scroll down to “classes” and read more about how the class will be run. Easy, Peasy and fun. Oh, I will describe the box to you all on the message board. Interested! I hope so. It is going to be large, beautiful and an original for sure. Just wait and see….you will be sorry if you miss it. But if you do, I will be offering it for retail sale on my JAT message board as soon as the class ends. So, get it free as a group class project or purchase it at a later date. Either way, I guarantee you are going to love this project. Do you trust me…mahahahahahahaaaaa!

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