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Soap Bags

July 10th, 2012

I thought you might like to try this. I saw something like this on Penterest and decided that I needed to make one “my way”. I am never formal and everything has to be easy or I don’t take the time to do it. I love the idea because with my grand kids and hubby there is always a slimy, gummy bar of soap and ugly wash rags in the showers. And now, no more soap going down the drain because the shower washes it away or it floats to its death in the water. I hate it. I saw this and figured it was a solution to my problem. Use one for a bit…put the soap in a clean soap bag and throw the dirty soap bag in the laundry. I made enough to give everyone their own color soap bag. (Well actually I have a few more to make.) We shall see!

Easy Directions: Fold the wash cloth with right sides together and cut into three even pieces.

Stitch along the long sides and any time you stitch a side that is raw cut you need to zig-zag stitch and then straight stitch it. (I do this so it does not lose little wash rag threads). Turn the little bag you made inside out. Stitch a piece of ribbon about one inch below the top. Insert a bar of soap and tie closed. Easy-Peasy !!!! Soap bags!!!


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