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Where the heck have I been….

September 22nd, 2012

Let me think…I have started stitching and designing again. Not designing like I used to before I, “so-call”, retired. But, I am talking about Shelley’s Jewelry Box. I have actually sent it to my model stitcher to have it stitched. I have even posted three parts now on the JAT message board. There are some beautiful pictures of the different colors that some of the stitchers have chosen to use posted on the message board also.

I am working on Moira Blackburn’s “Three Things Sampler”. I have it about half finished right now. I seem to be getting into stitching again and I am so happy. This means I am coming out of my funk, as-I-call-it, after losing my mom and dad. Wow, it has taken some time for me. But I am hoping this is my come-back. 🙂

I am going to post a few pictures of Shelley’s Jewelry Box parts but remember that it is not finished and I will be adding ribbon during the finishing. I did add the ribbon to the end panel so you could see a bit of what it will look like. It is quite the “girly girl” box. Also, I will post a picture of what I have stitched so far on the Three Things Sampler. I am so enjoying stitching this right now. I have changed a few things but mostly stayed with the original design. I truly love Moira’s designs and now know what a joy they are to stitch.

So the pictures are below and I shall be back with an update soon. Hugs everyone! Judy Odell

And here are pictures of the first sections of Shelley’s Jewelry Box


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