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Five Penny Millionaire Treasure Box

November 11th, 2009

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Hey everyone 🙂 I hope you like my newest design. “Five Penny Millionaire” treasure box. I was going to offer this class as a private class only but I have changed my mind. Instead I have decided to release this design as a design exclusive, available through “Just A Thought” only. I will set up a Forum on the JAT message board for those stitchers that like to share their progress with other stitchers that may be stitching the same design.

The idea for this design came to me as I was huming a song from a movie my mom took me to many years ago.  It was 1959 and the movie was “Five Pennies”.  Danny Kaye stared in the movie and I memorized the song those many years ago and never forgot it.

Now here it is for you today.  “Five Pennies”.  Well actually it is a treasure box that holds the five little penny cards and pennies.

May you and those you love always be a “Five Penny Millionaire”.

JAT Designs

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