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Shelley’s Jewlery Box ????

December 9th, 2013

Check this out. Melanie decided to design her own Shelley’s Jewelry Box. She talks about her design and shares tons of pictures on her blog at http://melaniethewipslayer.blogspot.com/
You should go check out her blog and see some wonderful stitching. She gets so much done so quickly that I am sure she never sleeps. 🙂 Anyway…look at her darling box. It is so cute in person you just would not believe all the bling on this box. I absolutely love it. I did the finishing as a thank you for all her help with mine. But I must say I remember why it was time for me to retire. My carpal tunnel is getting so bad I just can’t do much finishing any longer. At-any-rate…Great job Melanie. Love it, and thanks for your help with mine.


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