Mary Wigham 1790, Wardrobe

February 20th, 2010
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Please note:  I am receiving a lot of interest in this design and I wanted to let you all know that I will be adding some definate information for everyone in a couple days.  I am sorry for the delay but Moosie is doing some major updating of my blog right now and I just cannot add anything until it is complete.  Please be patient with me and check back in a couple days. Thank you all so much.

A Tribute to Mary Wigham and all the girls of Ackworth school. Can you imagine how surprised Mary would be to find out that she has a wardrobe. Well, kind of. 🙂 I love the wardrobe. I think Mary would too.
I will post all the information regarding this wardrobe on my Designs page as soon as possible. For now I will give you just a minimal of information.
This will be released as a private class in PDF sections on my JAT Message board. The class will be limited in size but don’t worry if you don’t get in on this one as I will probably have another class approximately a year after this first class is completed. The cost of the class includes the stitch design and finishing class which will be released in monthly sections. I will have a very limited kit available which will include the stitching linen, decorative fabric and silk satin ribbon. Ok, enough talk about it….lets see Mary Wigham’s Wardrobe closet.

I shall post more about the class kit and the cost once I post the design page. Thanks everyone.

JAT Designs

Happy Nashville

February 20th, 2010
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Hmmmmm….is Nashville a holiday. I have thought and heard so much about it lately that I am thinking it must be a holiday. So…HAPPY NASHVILLE everyone. 🙂

This year I sent two new designs to Nashville. I have been patiently waiting to release them here on my site. I have not added them to my design page as yet. I have been busy getting the Mary Wigham design completed and had no time to take care of these Nashville babies. But I will be posting the MWW design a little later today and I shall try to get all three new designs and information about them on my design page as soon as possible.

So now…here are my Nashville releases. They are available from me as a PDF or paper. Your favorite needle work shop can get them in paper format only.
This is “Savannah” Just A Box; #2 in the collectible series.

As usual you are encouraged to pick your own color linen and fibers but my choices are listed for you, just in case. My next design is honoring my Dad. I stitched this knowing I wanted to frame it… so I give you the design as it will look in my shadow box. “In My Father’s Name”.

I hope you like my new releases and even if you don’t I shall be back shortly with the Mary Wigham release. Hugs

JAT Designs

My image is blown !

February 17th, 2010
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I am working like a mad dog to get some designs ready to be posted on February 20, 2010. A few will be Nashville releases and one will be a tribute to Mary Wigham of historical 1790 Ackworth school fame. Anyway, while working I noticed this setting and thought you might all get a kick out of this picture. While I know most of you think I work in my silk formal attire, sitting in my mansion office I must burst your bubble. I just had to share this picture. I am actually just a small town designer located in California in the San Joaquin valley foothills…I guess my location along with this picture would make me a true hillbilly. I thought this was just too funny. 🙂
Nobody can tell me I don’t know what a dictionary is for. mahahahahaaaaa….


French Alphabet Sampler

February 9th, 2010
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Oh yea…look what I finally got finished. This is my (Odell) FAS. My dear friend Lynne Blackburn of Blessings Counted, Inc. is the designer of this sampler. (Lynne is the first and the original designer of French alphabets with hidden names like this.) Each one is charted especially for the stitcher and her family and/or pet names. I wanted to highlight my hidden names and initials so I chose to stitch the alphabets in a Threadworx color and my names and initials in a solid DMC floss. This FAS is stitched on 28 count Charles Craft, Monaco. This is my all time favorite to stitch on actually. It was stitched over one linen thread. I am so happy about how it turned out.

If you would like information on how to order a personal FAS Sampler for yourself you can go to Elegant Stitch and find out about how and when to order one. NOTE: Unless you see a little gold lock in the menu bar (either top or bottom) phone in your card numbers as it is not a secure site. Now all I have to do is find the time to get it framed.


Days Gone By

January 24th, 2010
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Look at the picture I received today. It is from Mitch and she is a member of our message board.

Mitch is the first to complete a finish of the Days Gone By box. This is a design in the “Just A Box” collectible series I have started. This is the first box in the series. Beautiful job Mitch.  Thank you so much for sharing.

The JAT rewards for finishing any of the “Just A Box” Collectibles is $10.00. To read more about the JAT rewards program visit the JAT Message board.

If you are not a member of the JAT message board you can register by clicking on the “message board” link in the top menu bar and then click on “Register”. Be sure to send me an email with your user name so I can activate your membership once you have registered.


Sneak Peek at Nashville release and planned changes at Just A Thought

January 21st, 2010
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I am going to share some changes I plan on making in the near future. I am going to slow down a bit. I am still going to be here but change things up so that I am not so filled up with this needle work business.

Here are my thoughts. I am going to release my large designs (i.e. Lady’s Cabinet) as exclusive kits available in limited quantities from Just A Thought only. These designs will be released in PDF format only. No paper charts. Whether they are extended releases through the year as stitch alongs or private classes, or all at once will vary according to my choice. The main thing is they will be limited editions. I will announce the total kits that will be available and then once they are gone, whether that be a month or a year…once they are gone they are gone.

I will continue the “Just A Box” collectible series releases and other smaller design which will be available from your favorite needle work shop in paper format and available from me in PDF format only. I will not be making these designs available in paper format via Just A Thought. It is my wish to only have PDF’s available from Just A Thought, me, and paper format available from shops.

Any designs that have kits available will be clearly noted and the kits will be available for purchase here at Just A Thought. Of course these kits will be limited to the amount of supplies I have available.
Wild Roses
Now something new for me…I am sending a new design to the TNNA NASHVILLE show via Norden Crafts. This is a sneak peek and I know you are going to like it. It will be very different and so special. I am also making a few exclusive designs from JAT available to the public via your favorite needle work shops. They will also be available at the TNNA NASHVILLE show. So if you are going to be there be sure to stop by Norden Crafts booth and take a look. They will also be revealed here on my blog at the same time. February 20, 2010.

Also, the Mary Wigham project will be revealed here during the Nashville Show. It is a JAT exclusive so it will not be seen at the show itself. I will release all the information regarding this design…February 20, 2010.

So now I have given you a tease and something to look forward to…I hope ! 🙂 Hugs


Mary Wigham Sampler 1790

December 23rd, 2009
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A lot of you will be very familiar with Mary Wigham of Ackworth School fame. For those stitchers that love the sampler world and Mary Wigham’s sampler you can read all about Mary and download a PDF of this fabulous sampler for free (a donation is requested but not required). There is also a free world wide stitch along that you can join if you so choose. This brings me to one of the most exciting blogs I have ever been to. Not only can you read about Mary and her sampler, download the PDF, find and join in the country of your choice stitch along group, but the blog has many other fabulous posts that I know you will enjoy reading about. Take the time to visit Jacqueline Holdsworth’s blog at and find out more about this amazing sampler and read about Mary,her history and connection with Ackworth School. For the three Mary Wigham links scroll down and watch the right side menu for the following captions; 1. Mary Wigham SAL – Country Head Girls, 2. Mary Wigham forever sal (PDF download), 3. Read the Mary Wigham Story by Donna Dzierleng. Now this all leads me to something that I am very excited about. I have been talking with Jacqueline Holdsworth regarding a new design that I am working on in honor of Mary Wigham. The design should be released some time in February and will be announced here and also on Jacqueline’s site. So now that I have teased you all a little be sure to watch for the Mary Wigham 3D special.


Un Natale daRicamare 2009 Christmas Magazine

December 17th, 2009
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The beautiful Italian magazine Un Natale daRicamare is now available. Well it has been for awhile I guess but I am just getting around to mentioning it. It is available at many of our favorite shops and if your favorite shop does not have it just ask and they can get it for you.

This is my very small contribution to this wonderful Christmas magazine. But believe me…some of the designers really out did themselves. There are some beautiful ornaments in this book just waiting for you.

JAT Designs

Merry Christmas

December 9th, 2009
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<img border="0"src=""&qt;Hello everyone. This is my Christmas gift to all my board members this year. The chart and finishing instruction for this little ornament (it is only about 2 inches.) is in PDF format as usual and is located on the message board.

If you are not a member of the JAT message board you can register by clicking on the “message board” link in the top menu bar and then click on “Register”. Be sure to send me an email with your user name so I can activate your membership once you have registered. This is just another safeguard for my board members against spammers. Big hugs and Merry Christmas

JAT Designs

Day after Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2009
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I am so full of turkey and stuffing and everything else that goes with Thanksgiving dinner. I had the whole family here for dinner and I ate until I was stuffed. We had a wonderful time and here I am today relaxing on the computer. I don’t get to surf the net too often and when I do I look for new blogs to check out. Wow, did I find a good one this morning. It is “Blackbird Designs”. I love their charts. I spent way too long reading every page of Alma’s blog. Here is what I found. I think you will all like it and I can’t wait to try it with some of my stitched designs.
Now how cute is this? It is on Blackbird design’s blog This is a papier mache box that Alma has covered with fabric on the outside and then copied a sampler onto paper and used it for the inside of the box. Anyway…she has a wonderful tutorial on the second page of her blog and I think it is just perfect. What a cute quick idea for a christmas gift. I shall be trying my hand at a few of these. I can see using old prints of old family pictures also. Anyway, Alma’s blog is so worth checking out if you have time.
Here is a little sneak peek at this years Christmas ornament from me to all the members of the JAT message board. It shall be finished shortly and then I shall post to the message board the chart and instructions in PDF format for anyone that wants it. It comes along with a great big MERRY CHRISTMAS wish to you and yours. I shall be posting it soon. Actually my hope is to post the PDF on December 1st for you all.


Five Penny Millionaire Treasure Box

November 11th, 2009
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<img border="0"src=""&qt;

Hey everyone 🙂 I hope you like my newest design. “Five Penny Millionaire” treasure box. I was going to offer this class as a private class only but I have changed my mind. Instead I have decided to release this design as a design exclusive, available through “Just A Thought” only. I will set up a Forum on the JAT message board for those stitchers that like to share their progress with other stitchers that may be stitching the same design.

The idea for this design came to me as I was huming a song from a movie my mom took me to many years ago.  It was 1959 and the movie was “Five Pennies”.  Danny Kaye stared in the movie and I memorized the song those many years ago and never forgot it.

Now here it is for you today.  “Five Pennies”.  Well actually it is a treasure box that holds the five little penny cards and pennies.

May you and those you love always be a “Five Penny Millionaire”.

JAT Designs

500 years ago !!!

September 27th, 2009
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I received this today and I thought it was just fabulous. With all the copyright infringements and internet thieves and underground sharing I think it was so very fitting to share it with everyone. Perfectly stated. Please take no offense unless it hits home. 🙂

Hold! You crafty ones, strangers to work, and pilferers of other men’s
brains. Think not rashly to lay your thievish hands upon my works. Beware!
Know you not that I have a grant from the most glorious Emperor Maximillian,
that not one throughout the imperial dominion shall be allowed to print or
sell fictitious imitations of these engravings? Listen! And bear in mind
that if you do so, through spite or through covetousness, not only will your
goods be confiscated, but your bodies also placed in mortal danger.
Albrecht Dürer 1511


Days Gone By

September 22nd, 2009
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<img border="0"src=""&qt;

This is my newest design. I called it “Days Gone By” because as I was stitching it I kept seeing a western dad handing a beautiful little box (that he got while he was in town) to his little daughter. She had dark hair, long braids and dirty little finger nails but she took it with awe because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She kept only her most wonderful and private treasures in it from that day forward.

Days Gone By is the first in a series of collectable boxes that I plan to design. They will all be different in the stitch design, shape and size. Each will have a character of its own and I may even call upon my JAT board members to share the story they see when they look at each box. They will be rewarded of course. 🙂 I do love the rewards.

We have also started our tin Christmas exchange for 2009. We have a group of over 40 stitchers. Can you believe that. You still have time to join the exchange so check into the message board and sign up. You can read more about it once you are there.

I am going to stitch a little fob for a thread grabber that my dear friend Lynne B. sent to me. She designed the little fob and once it is stitched and finished I shall post both pieces with news about where you can purchase the thread grabber and get the fob design for free. By-the-way, Lynne is the owner of Blessings Counted, Inc. and the designer of the “original” French Alphabet Sampler (FAS) that we have all fallen in love with. It is personalized with family initials and names and each one is individually charted for each stitcher. You can go to Elegant Stitch to read more about the FAS Sampler. You will love it.

JAT Designs

Halloween is coming !

August 23rd, 2009
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<img border="0"src=""&qt;

Can you believe Halloween is coming already.  Of course you can…everything comes way too soon for stitchers.  Like…Christmas is just around the corner.  NO KIDDING !

Anyway, I thought I would share a darling project that my dear friend Giulia Manfredini, a Designing Lady, designed.  It has all the fun scissors and pins to go along with it.  Perfect for the Halloween lover in you.

You can check out this design by going to Giulia’s website and clicking on “What’s New”.  Then to read all about it and see more pictures click on the picture that comes up.  Very Cute !


July 22nd, 2009
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A Lady's Cabinet
Wednesday:  July 22, 2009   Well now, my dear friend Kathy, madstitcher on the board, has asked me for a favor.  She says she does not like deer so she wants me to design the front doors, back wall and lid top with a more sampler like style or geometric style or whatever.  Well heck…I just could not say no so I figure that if I am going to design something new she can just share it with everyone.

She was very happy to share of course.  Those of you that know Kathy love Kathy.  🙂

Anyway, I shall be designing something new and as soon as it is done I shall show it to you here on my blog.  The colors will not change, nor will the size or the linen used.  I will also have members of the private class start stitching on other parts so you will have no problem adapting to the new design if you like it better.

And those that did not like the deer, girl and other animals may like the new design better.  The class will, of cource, still be held on the message board as previously noted.


A Lady’s Cabinet

June 30th, 2009
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<img border="0"src="">

Finally !! Gosh this took a long time. Lots and lots of changes but at last it is finished.

This will be offered as a private class on my JAT message board. If you want to see the progress of this design and possibly join the private class you can register by clicking on “message board” in the menu at the top of this post. We would love to have you. Remember that once you register and hit “submit” go up and click on the email addy at the top right corner and send your user name to me so I can activate you. This is a private message board and it is monitored very closely to keep any unwanted spam out. 🙂

I shall post information regarding the class time frame, cost, supplies, etc. as soon as possible. Once the information is available you can see a lot more pictures by clicking on “Designs” in the menu at the top of this post and then click on A Ladies Cabinet picture.

I shall return shortly with more information for you. Thanks for checking it out. Hugs

JAT Designs

I am finally back !

May 31st, 2009
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Hello everyone: Wow…what a month this has been. Problems, problems, problems. First and worst…my beautiful Golden Retriever dog (Oswald) died on Mother’s Day. Can you imagine.

Then, just before Memorial Day my computer crashed and I lost my entire hard drive. Thank goodness I backed up in January. I am so bad about backing up and now it bit me on the butt… But, I did one smart thing…I backed up my new cabinet design I have been working on in April so I just lost a few of the designs. But, being the old dog that I am I printed all the charts out as I completed them so except for a few changes that I made after the printing I can re-chart them from the paper prints.

Then as I was working with Moosie to get my new hard drive up and running properly my husband informed me that my van compressor died. OK, I am still hanging in but getting really tired.

Sooooo…yesterday my little dog got sick and we had to take her to the vet…$500.00 later we came home with a “my guess is” – “give her this medication and if she is not better in a few days…bring her back”. Mind you I really did say $500.00 later.

So today is a new day and here I am. I told my husband and the boys they have to clean my house and I was going to do nothing but work on this Ladies Cabinet. I cannot believe how long this is taking me.

Now, for being so patient with me, I am going to share another picture with you. And for those of you that actually read this sorry post, you will find the picture below. 🙂

I am signing out and getting into the stitching mode now. Wish me luck…. 🙂 Hugs to you all. Hope you like this sneak peek. More to come later. (Actually, I am almost done with the stitching now. Thank goodness.)


Welcome to my new blog…

May 15th, 2009
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Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog. I hope you like the new look and find it very easy to navigate.  My friend Moosie, our computer Guru, has set this new look for us. I hope you enjoy it.

And away we go…….
This is my new design in the making. If you go to the message board (New members must register to enter) you will find a forum post that shows each step of this new design from beginning to end. Well, actually, it is still a work in progress but you can see what stage it is at right now.

This Ladies Cabinet will be presented to you through a private class available through the message board.

Members always get the first look at my new designs and classes. You will find free designs, contests and lots of other stitchers that love the same things you do.

So, if you have not registered and gone in to take a look around you are missing out.

To travel around my site just click on the links in the top menu bar. Have fun and I will see you all soon.