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Just A Thought from Judy Odell - Valley Springs, California - USA

Judy Odell

Oh my heck…yep, this is me. Judy Odell. I hate pictures so maybe my one-and-only granddaughter will distract you from the large, old lady that is with her. Goodness, that looks like my mom. What the heck happened and where did the years go.

A little about myself: Let’s see…I have been stitching about 15 years now. Unfortunately I had no great grandmother that taught me to stitch while sitting on her knee. I have no wonderful tale to spin about how I got started. It’s just me. I am the lone stitcher in my family. I have only my internet stitching friends to share my love of stitching. Oh, I have a daughter that runs in and checks what I am currently working on and then puts her mark on it. My son just wants whatever he thinks will bring him a little money once I am gone.

How did I get started stitching? I was bored doing daycare and a long-time-ago friend showed me a needlepoint piece she was working on. I decided to try it. I moved from needlepoint to cross stitch and never looked back.

I started finishing my own stitching because I could not imagine sending something out to be finished when I could do it. I figured most people finished their own pieces and was surprised when they started asking me to finish theirs. I have always been full of ideas and designs I want to make. As I am working on one project I am always thinking about what will be next. I have a hang file full of design ideas. Some are so scattered I don’t even know what I was thinking about but I keep them anyway.

But what was my true beginning to this business?

Flat Fold

This was the very first flat-fold.

I was tired of stuffed stand-ups and I figured there must be a better way to display a small design without framing or stuffing it. It is now housed at Elegant Stitch in Modesto California. Hmmm…maybe it is still there. The design just exploded. Everyone now seems to be making flat-folds or a take off of my original flat-fold.

My web presence has made some drastic changes recently. That would be due to one of my dearest friends, Moosie. I call her my computer guru because that is exactly what she is. Gosh, she knows about computers. She has dragged me out of my cave a little at a time. Some of those times I was kicking and screaming but out I came. And brother is it nice out here in the sunshine. Thank you Moosie (aka, annonemoose)

So now this is a good way to end this; saying thank you to a dear friend who has given me a beautiful new website for all of you to enjoy.

Thank you Moosie and Hugs to you all.

Judy Odell
Just A Thought